ARNE JIN AN WONG cel: 415-786-1120

Jin An, aka Arne, aka Arnie Wong, has been animating since he was eighteen.
Self-taught in animation, he started his career by creating a series of animated short films
that were released with live-action feature films.
He later apprenticed under Disney Veteran Animator and Layout Artist- John Freeman (Lady & The Tramp),
Warner Bros. Designer/Animator- Corny Cole (Looney Tunes),
& UPA Animator/Duck Soup Director- Duane Crowther (Yellow Submarine/ Blue Meanie).
Jin An developed his talent to go on to becoming a Visual Effects director,
Producer/Director of TV Commercials, and co-producing the first digital animated feature film in China.

Created his own short films that were featured in film festivals
internationally and domestically. First Animated Surf Film "Eternal Sea" 1968
Animation Director for Davidson Films SF.
Designed, storyboarded, directed, & animated educational films.
Grafis International Graphic Design Award- Designer of 6 Levi Straus Ads.
Animation Apprenticeships with John Freeman, Corny Cole, & Duane Crowther.
Freelance Animator for TV Commercial Production Companies.
Started his own animation production studio -Tigerfly Studios.
Produced & Directed over 30 TV commercials.
Emmy Award for Best Animated Short Film “Bean Sprouts”.
Walt Disney Studios- EFX Matte Supervisor on “Tron”.
Golden Harvest Films/Hong Kong-
Visual EFX Director on “Mt. Zu”, Kung Fu/Sci-Fi Feature film.
Clio Award- Best Animated TV Commercial “Sunkist Orange”. Director/Producer
Started a new company; Stone Studios Inc.,
Providing pre-production services on animated TV series for Disney TV,
Warner Bros., Paramount, Film Roman, Marvel, Klasky-Csupo, & Saban Entertainment.
Overseas Production & Storyboard Supervisor on “Little Mouse On The Prairie”,
52 episodes for Saban Entertainment.
Animation Director and Consultant for Digital Animation Companies-
Digital Domain, Visual Image FX, & Digital Universe.
Nickelodeon Cartoons- Animation Director on “CatDog”,
Concept Development and Director on “Dora, The Explorer”.
Co-Producer, and Storyboard Supervisor on “Thru The Moebius Strip”,
first digital animated feature film produced in China, with Jean “Moebius” Giraud.
Animation & Art Instructor -
Academy of Media & Technology in Santa Monica.
Jack Lalane TV series opening, 7 TV Commercials for Albertson’s.
Storyboard Artist – Shadow Animation “Robot Chicken” TV series.
Fine Art Painting-
Oil & Acrylic on Canvas.
Art Exhibitions-
Pacific Asia Museum (LA), Nikko Gallery (Palm Springs).
Storyboarding & Animation Instructor
at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.
Animation Instructor at Ex'pressions College, Emeryville
Storyboard Artist- Bardel Entertainment "Chaotic" TV series
Storyboard Artist- Big Eye Productions "321Penguins" TV series
Digital Media Consultant- Sciencircus interactive online edutainment site
Surf Art Painting Gallery

Gabor Csupo- Klasky Csupo
Phil Roman- Film Roman
Jean “Moebius” Giraud
Corny Cole- Cal Arts College of Design
Dave Brain- Cartoon Network
Russ Mooney- Nickelodeon Cartoons
Bob Kurtz- Bob Kurtz & Friends
Art Durinski- Digital Universe
Chuck Comisky- Digital Domain
Michel Welter- Saban Entertainment
James Keeshan- SM Academy of Media & Technology
Shaun Featherstone- Academy of Art University
KC Murphy- Ex'pressions College

Wendy Levy- BAVC
Gail Silva- FilmArts
Athena Cho- Bardel Entertainment
Tim Hodge- Big Eye Productions
Laura Gabriela- Sciencircus