I am a 2D traditional animator who has crossed the digital divide to share my knowledge with future animators. Trained by Disney animators and worked in the hollywood animation industry for the past 3 decades, I found myself a dinosaur in the digital age. BAVC's Digital Directions Teacher Training Program has given me the tools and renewed my life purpose to be of service to my community and pass on the torch in the art of animation.

Growing up in Chinatown, discovering the waves at Kelly's Cove, and creating the first animated surf cartoon in my teens fueled the passion and inspiration that carried me for the past 35 years as an artist and animator. Along this journey, I also found teaching Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Life Drawing, & Surfing, while living in a treehouse in Hawaii; gave me perspective to the meaning of my life.
Terence McKenna said "Nature Loves Courage", that life embraces the courageous who dare to leap into the unknown.