It's been a few years now since we heard
your nimble tongue and Irish wit catch our noggin's furry snitch,
and spin her into a mindbending ride to yonder bowels of noodles.
That's noodles as in grey matter,
liken to da kine fiery Pele's orgasmic orbital spray
of inner beauty beyond any thermometer's dream.
Oh yes, we remember you,
the one who's courage surpassed the stiffest starched police captain's
airy bladder upon the radio waves in the city of lights.
You, the explorer of yon arctic and hellish regions
no one dares to lay their soft sane minds upon.
Treading far beyond and further than this world's imagination,
and returning with stories and fables that legends are made of.
The Great Mushroom stands behind your words and thoughts,
like a guardian angel she showers us with loving spores of delight.
One small puff upon the Dragon's Mouthwatering Tongue,
and all that matters really doesn't anymore.
What matters is simple breathe and fall gently back upon
our soft carpeted eyes rolled back behind the edge of the world. Unraveling that twisted vine of death,
and serving a magical blend of root and sludge
that would make a deadman rise up and dance a jig,
you are still up to no good, ya rascal!
For your journey has not ended,
and we wait word from the other side
what goodies you have for us when we meet again.
There have been many souls and good-hearted warriors
who have paved a trail for the rest of us hoodlums to follow,
but it was you that lined the road with rubies and gold,
sing and smiling that Wiley Coyote way,
luring us simple folk into the world of awakenings
that will never shut our mind's eyes again.
Praise to those who follow upon Terence's narrow trail,
treading upon his light souled steps,
for now you are the explorer
with the torch he has handed you upon his last breath.
Great Buddha TM,
your wise silence has rocked the nature of our foundations,
unsettling the suits and ties that
hang them poor lads and lasses high upon the trees of glass.
Mucho Mahalos for your firm seatedness
holding bay them demons of society from rising up again.
We are humbly grateful and eternally blessed
to have had the pleasure of your company,
we duly promise to meet again,
behind our own eyelids this time.